On-Site Learning

A skilled workforce comes from real-life learning and interaction and which can’t be derived from on-line training. Therefore, over and above our free-online learning modules, the Scottish Wholesale Association provide heavily subsidised on-site facilitated learning courses.

Each course below has been tailored to meet the needs of our wholesale members. With the individual trainers themselves having been ‘inducted’ into the wholesale environment, so as to give a very much hands-on relevance to the skills being taught!

Below are a list of upcoming courses, their content and target audience. Each course can be booked by clicking on their link, by emailing info@scottishwholesale.co.uk or phoning 0131 556 8753.

Core skills for Enhanced Performance in Wholesale

This four-course, on-site learning programme, will develop an individual’s core capabilities within the wholesale sector – helping to create a sustainable and highly-skilled wholesale workforce.

The programme is designed as both a skills toolkit for those starting their career within the wholesale industry through to middle managers, allowing for cross-fertilisation of knowledge and experience.

Each course provides a wealth of resource and structure to help streamline the individual’s personal development – helping to create better self-awareness, communication skills, teamwork and ultimately working towards finding the ‘wholesaler’ in you.

Cultivating strong personal development skills will almost certainly help establish your wholesale career. Each course is not only practical, challenging and fun but provides a great platform to make connections and meet others from the industry.

While each course can be undertaken as a standalone module, this SWA-certified course has been designed as a four-step programme for individual development.

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